LOWMASS SL-CX Carbon Tubeless Disc Wheelset Package

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These wheels are built to order. Our build queue is 3 weeks

Supplied with Challenge HTLR and Tubolite liners and valves fitted, Challenge Bead Seating Tool and 250ml Challenge Smart Sealant (for adding when you receive them)

The long-awaited arrival of Challenge's hand made tubeless (HTLR) CX tyres in 2021 made it make sense for us to develop a tubeless CX race wheelset optimised to get the best from them

We set out for the LOWMASS SL-CX to deliver reliable tubeless performance for racing at the same weight as our carbon tubulars, in a UCI compliant package (width and wheel approval)

A 19.6mm internal width matches nicely with Challenge's 33mm HTLR tyres and measures within the UCI's 33mm tyre width rule 

The 290g rim has been strengthened for CX, and you can run hookless compatible road tyres (*vulcanised 25mm minimum) too, meaning you can use this wheelset all year round 

Fitted with HTLR, Tubolite Liner, 60ml sealant, tape and valves, the SL-CX weighs just 23g heavier than the LOWMASS CT28-310 with equivalent tubular fitted

We consider this set up to be as good as tubeless can currently be. However good though, these do not (no tubeless system will for CX) match the performance of a tubular system in the mud, please contact us to discuss the benefits and differences between these and a tubular set up

Overview (follow the links for detailed information):

- UCI approved 1229g wheelset built with LOWMASS SL-CX (290g) carbon hookless tubeless rims                
(weighed with, 12mm thru axles and Shimano 11s free hub)

- 24 black SAPIM CX-RAY spokes and aluminium nipples 

- Lightweight BITEX centre lock disc hubs 

- Easily converted between QR/12mm/15mm axles
- ABEC5 TPI high-grade precision sealed bearings 
- Aluminium axles and free hub body 
- SHIMANO/SRAM 11s, SRAM XD/XDR and CAMPAGNOLO freehub options
- Tubeless tape and valves fitted 

- 85kg rider weight limit 


- Hookless compatible tyres must be used with this wheelset. Tubes can be used but only in a get you home situation

- We have only tested these with DUGAST and Challenge 33mm HTLR, some other brands CX tyres are hookless compatible, but vulcanised tyres do not offer the same performance as HTLR so are not recommended (Dugast, FMB and Schwalbe are working on their version of Open Tubulars & Hand Made Tubeless options so watch this space)

- *For road tyre use, we do not recommend the use of hand made road tyres. We believe hand made road tyre dimensional manufacturing variations are greater than is reliable for hookless rims

- Challenge's Bead Seating Tool must be used with these wheels. One is included in the box. New HTLR are extremely tight to fit (which means their tubeless seal is excellent). You are unlikely to be able to fit new HTLR by hand or with regular tyre levers

- Once fitted and ridden, like Open Tubulars, HTLR are much easier to remove and refit. However HTLR are not suited to a last minute tyre swap, they can take several hours to seal up, especially if dry sealant remnants are left on the rim or tyre bead

- Tubolite CX liners 

hold the bead in position from inside the rim, but are not a run flat solution

- If you already have experience with HTLR and would like to purchase bare wheels (including tape and valves) please contact us - in this case the price is £799.99

Hand built in the UK using P&K Lie stands and tension meters for the ultimate in precision building

Thoroughly tested in cyclo cross racing and training (and some MTB centres)

UK based warranty, free truing, crash repair/replacement, support and full spares held in stock

Easily compare your current cyclo cross wheels with our complete wheelset weight page, we've listed our wheels with tyres, discs and cassette fitted

Get in touch for custom builds with DT SWISS 350/240, HOPE or Carbon-Ti hubs

Cannondale Ai rear rear wheels can be built to order

Specialized SCS 135x12mm axle available for bikes with the updated mech hanger

Please confirm which axle end caps and free hub you require in the Special instructions to seller box in checkout, so your wheels will arrive ready to slot straight into your bike

See our (soon to be updated) Tubeless making you cross? article on selecting cyclo cross wheelsets / tyres and our UCI Race Tyre Width article if you race in a UCI (National Jnr/U23/Snr & World Masters) category

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