LOWMASS Cannondale Ai Custom Build

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If you are looking for wheels for a Cannondale SuperX from 2017 onwards or Topstone Carbon, then you will need your rear wheel spaced with the rim 6mm to left of centre, Cannondale call this Ai (Asymmetric Integration)

It is a great set up, the rim sits centrally between the hub flanges, dramatically reducing the dishing for the cassette. Spoke tension is more equal, resulting in a stronger, more reliable wheel. 

Few pre-built wheels are available with Ai spacing and we would strongly recommend against re-dishing a regular wheel, the drive side spokes are shorter and may end up shorter than optimum. 

All LOWMASS wheels are available with specially built Ai spacing for Cannondale SuperX. 

Ai spaced wheels are custom built to order with correctly sized spokes at no extra costs - simply click ADD TO YOUR CART alongside the wheel of your choice.

The lead time for custom builds is three weeks. 

Please note - once an order is confirmed, custom orders can only be returned/cancelled if deemed faulty. 

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