Road wheel’s aero performance takes priority over their rim weight, but a heavy and difficult to handle deep rim wheelset will not feel good for every day riding

Our road wheelset is made to feel good to ride, day in day out, what ever the weather - this has been the driving factor in the rim specification and our testing

We are able to build deeper section rims as custom builds, using rims from a variety of manufacturers and brands

However, our view is that you should only consider deeper rims for racing, where every second counts

Because in reality, unless you are racing Ironman distances at pro rider speeds, at best it is only seconds that are gained or a handful of watts saved

The down side of deep rims in blustery conditions far outweighs any gains

As you might expect, we have strong opinions on aero testing, real performance and the poor state of unreliable aero marketing, so if you'd like to hear our views, get in touch

LOWMASS Road Wheels - no nonsense wheels which feel great to ride!

All of our cyclo cross and gravel tubeless wheelsets can be used with road tyres too but they are not (aero) optimised for efficient road riding speeds