Throughout our site, we quote the weight of components and wheel sets.

We have measured each and every weight listed. 

It is normal that finished products have manufacturing variations which can effect their weight, often listed by manufacturers as +/- 5%. 

We are not seeing such variations with our products but do expect to see +/- 2.5%. 

We have also provided information about the options selected when we have quoted a weight.

Elsewhere, we commonly see the lightest possible combination of options quoted, for example the lightest combination of BITEX hub options are a 15mm axle front axle, 12mm rear axle and a SRAM XDR free hub.
However, if you need 5mm QR and a Shimano freehub, your hubs will be heavier than if listed as above, but it is unusual to see this level of detail explained.

As per the industry norm, LOWMASS Wheel weights are listed without tubeless tape or valves. Our tape and valves weigh approx 36g per wheelset, depending on the valve length. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about our quoted weights.