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These are super supple clincher tyres with our all round favourite tread, which when combined with a latex inner tube have much of the feel of the tubular version

The Baby Limus' fast rolling close centre tread and large side tread make this an excellent aggressive intermediate for adult riders, and a good mud option for smaller riders and kids

Open Tubulars are a great option if you want be able to change your tyres quickly before a race, or make easy puncture repairs when riding

Hand made in Thailand just like Challenge's tubulars and share exactly the same tread with a 300 TPI polycotton carcass/sidewalls

Measuring 33mm (at 25psi) on a 20mm internal LOWMASS AC20-390 rim means these are good for UCI races

Combine these with DUGAST or Challenge Latex Inner Tubes for near tubular feel

Price is for 2x Baby Limus Open Tubulars

Weight - 380g

Open Tubulars are much easier to fit if you use talc on the inner tube, the inside of the tyre and on the bead. You will need to get the tyre bead into the U of the rim, in the same way as you do to fit a tubeless tyre - Challenge's aircraft style mounting instructions are in the photos below

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