Challenge Latex Inner Tube

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This is the same inner tube as found in Challenge and FMB's cyclo cross tubular tyres

We have been long time users of latex tubes for cross, they offer a weight saving and are more puncture & pinch resistant than a standard butyl tube

When combined with an open tubular tyre and a reasonably wide rim, they are as close to tubular tyre feel that clinchers (or tubeless) can get

You will note that we normally stock and prefer Dugast's Latex Inner Tube. We have a long wait for our order to arrive so have stocked these in the mean time

We believe in Latex Inner Tubes and would prefer to offer these to use with your Open Tubulars, than nothing...

You can repair the tube with normal puncture repair glue and a patch made from an old latex tube (we have loads of old ones so can put a piece in with your order if you ask)

Use talc on the inner tube and tyre bead to aid fitting

Example tyre pressure: 75kg rider on LOWMASS AC20-390 cyclo cross wheelset with Challenge Open Tubular Tyres = 22 psi

Size: 700c x 29 to 38 mm

Valve length 47.5mm 

Weight: 77g (A butyl tube weighs between 132g and 143g) 


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