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We can't stand out brakes rubbing after we've changed wheels... 

Even with the same model of hub and disc, when switching wheels, there can be some annoying brake rub

With our Stainless Steel Centre Lock Shims you can space out your discs

Each shim is 0.25mm and there are four per pack

Up to four can be used (max 1mm) per disc

These seem expensive for what they are but if you are changing wheels often, will save you a lot of fiddling with your brakes


First, set your callipers up as per our article “Lose the rub” 

Then to figure out which wheel set has its disc inbound (towards the hub) of the others

Look down into the brake calliper to see which wheel’s disc is inbound of the other, and by how much

Use the brake calliper centre join line as a reference

Remove the disc from the wheel with the inbound disc (closer to the hub), and place up to 4 shims behind the disc / disc adaptor, they fit into the recess inside of the hub splines (they are cut so they open up to fit, then sit in the recess without falling off when you take the disc off)

See photo of hub with shim below

Refit the disc / disc adaptor and torque to manufactures spec. 

Replace the wheel to check the new disc alignment

Add / remove shims until the disc is in the same position as the other wheel(s)



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