Lose the rub

Getting your disc brakes set up properly means that you get all of the potential power available, and even pad wear. 

Most manufacturers recommend undoing the calliper bolts, pulling the lever, then tightening the bolts whist holding the lever. 

Whilst this is quick and easy, we have found it to be problematic, the calliper rarely ends up square to the disc.

If you switch wheels regularly, this is a real pain. 

The best method is to follow HOPE’s recommendation which is explained at 5:30 into this video. 



Once your callipers are set up properly, you can ease the pistons across to stop the rubbing very quickly. 

And when the callipers are set square to the disc, you can see how much you need to space or shim out the disc to make your wheel changes even easier. 

Some brake pads come with a stronger spring which helps the pads return for a bit more clearance too.

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