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These are super supple clincher tyres which when combined with a latex inner tube have much of the feel of the tubular version

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These are hand made in France just like FMB's tubulars and share exactly the same tread with a 330 TPI polycotton carcass/sidewalls

Available in a higher volume 35mm width (measured on a 20mm internal width rim) the extra volume means you can run lower pressure than you'd expect and has very near tubular feel - they are awesome for muddy skills sessions

A narrower version is now available too, it has been added to allow its use in UCI races with a 33mm width limit.  It measures 32.7mm carcass (at 25psi) plus a bit for the tread, equals a 33mm test pass on a 20mm internal LOWMASS AC20-390 rim

Being hand made, expect some manufacturing variations, just like with FMB's tubular tyres

Combine these with DUGAST Latex Inner tubes for near tubular feel

FMB Open Tubulars are made of less durable materials than a normal vulcanised tyre but we have used them regularly in training for 12mths + and have been pleased with their durability

They are the ultimate mud cornering training clincher - out performing other open tubulars and tubeless mud tyres.

You can use these with tubeless rims, although ENVE rim's hook is deemed too aggressive/sharp for these (and other brands) Open Tubulars

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