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We've ridden on Dugast's TLR for a few weeks and are impressed. 

We haven't finished our full testing protocol yet so haven't found out all of their quirks, but based on our experience with Challenge's HTLR feel comfortable that these are a credible option. 

They are very much more supple and offer good tubeless performance at 21psi (83kg rider) on carbon rims without a liner. 

With a liner, they were good at 18psi with no burping. 

We recommend that Challenge HTLR are used with carbon rims, and for now we mirror that advice with Dugast TLR too. 

  • Suitable for hookless and hooked rims
  • 100% cotton sidewall fabric 
  • The same tread (material and construction) as Dugast's tubulars
  • Unique fitting process which must be followed, they are quite tricky to fit, but not as difficult as Challenge HTLR - 
  • Measure 33.1mm on a 19.6mm internal with rim at 23psi
  • Must be used with ammonia free sealant, we will stock the recommended Victoria sealant soon
  • There are hand made variations, particularly on the tread straightness, just as we find with Dugast's tubulars too, which is not noticeable during riding
  • We have not been able to test long term durability, but would recommend these be used in racing only - we expect their durability will be in line with Dugast's tubulars

Sold as a pair 

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