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ACCU-GAGE Presta Tyre Pressure Gauges are simply brilliant. 

Like many other tyre pressure gauges, it measures your tyre pressure. 

But it's when you use it, that you feel why it is so good. 

  • Quick and easy to use 
  • No knocking air out of the valve when you attach it
  • Fine tune your pressure with ease
  • No batteries to replace 
  • Independently tested for accuracy

The CX/MTB tyre pressure gauge measures up to 60 psi and is 2% accurate between 15 & 45 psi, if your normal tyre pressure is in the upper twenties to thirties psi and you'd like to use it for your MTB too then this is the gauge for you.  

For a cyclo cross racer, this is one of the best tools you didn't realise you needed! 

We also stock the Low Pressure CX Gauge which is optimised for low pressure tubular tyre pressure.  

Rugged construction, an optional rubber protection case (this batch has ribbed cases - see temporary photos) as standard and a 12 month warranty combine to provide peace of mind and reliable tyre pressure readings.

Independently tested and scored 10/10 by MBR (Mountain Bike Rider) Magazine.

NOTE: Only compatible with Presta Tyre Valves (you will need 20mm of valve showing beyond the rim). 

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