Westmorland National Trophy Rider Info


The below are from Westmorland's Facebook page in the week ahead of the race


British Cycling has determined that manned pits are not safe under Covid-19 guidelines. We will be providing a BIKE CHANGE AREA that would resemble the old “pits” area – but these will be ‘self-serve’ pits with a central rail that bikes can be hung by the saddle on. Each rider will have an allocated space in the bike change area, which will be 1m wide and accessible from both sides of the course. There will be NO RIDING at all within the bike change area, and ‘Dismount’ and ‘Mount’ lines will be clearly marked on the ground with marshals located reminding riders to dismount.

To access the bike change area, and the start and finish area, follow signs from the sign-on marquee to the rider only access gate. At the course access point, a marshal will ask to see both your wrist band and the numbered tags on any bikes you take onto the course (maximum 2 – one race bike and one spare). This check will be undertaken every time you pass through this gate with a bike, for your security. Please be as helpful as you can to the volunteer marshals.

It is possible to pass through the course access point several times, if you wish to return to your vehicle between practice and race start for example, especially if you are in the second race in a block. However, once you have exited after your race is finished, no further re-entry will be permitted, so make sure you do not leave anything!

And for the avoidance of doubt, NO JET WASHES will be allowed anywhere at the venue. Covid-19 likes to attach itself to water droplets. If anyone uses a jet wash, petrol or electric, this will jeopardise ALL BC sanctioned Cyclocross for the whole season. Thanks for your cooperation.

From the event FAQs: “This includes the car parking area, so you should wash your bikes after the sighting / warm up or after our race with buckets and brushes – at your vehicle – ONLY."

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