LOWMASS wheels are optimised to achieve a balance between strength and weight but also to provide the best ride for a particular rider.

Our wheel's weight bearing strength is determined by the rim and the number of spokes. 

However a wheel built with more spokes than required by the rider's weight will not ride as well as it otherwise could. 

This is why our wheelsets are offered with customisable spoke numbers.

LOWMASS rider weight limits are based on rider + luggage.

If you are planning on occasional, weekend or holiday bike packing, but want a wheelset that is not over built for every day riding, we would suggest adding 10kg to your weight, and it will be strong enough for occasional bike packing.  

If you are planning on bike packing carrying heavy (20kg) luggage for a significant proportion of the wheels use, then it is important to build a wheel specifically for its load carrying strength, with an accurate rider weight + luggage.

We set our weight limits as actual weight limits, so that you (and we) have years of reliable service from your LOWMASS wheels.

We have seen other companies stating high weight limits then underwriting their warranty with a clause that if within 15% of the max weight limits, their wheels must be checked regularly by an experienced bike mechanic - this sounds like their every day weight limits are 15% lower than the max...

If you have any doubt about which wheel/spoke configuration is right for you, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Rider + luggage weight limit

Rim 24 28 32
AC20-390 (700C) N/A 85kg 90kg
AC20-440 (700C) 80kg 95kg 110kg
CC21-390 (700C) 110kg N/A N/A
GA25-440 (700C) 80kg 95kg 110kg
GA25-410 (650B) 80kg 95kg 110kg
GC26-370 (700C) 90kg 100kg N/A
*GC26-310 (650B) N/A 110kg N/A
*AC20-485 (700C)  N/A N/A 120kg


xx20-xxx in the rim name = the rim's internal width
xxxx-390 in the rim name = the rim's weight