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RC24-420 44mm Road Tubeless Disc Rim for 28mm tyres

Class leading lightweight 420g road bike tubeless disc rim
Does it all – deep but not too deep, competitive rim weight, and just the right width to maintain aero performance with a 28mm tyre
44mm deep profile delivers aero benefits without compromising stability in windy conditions
Selected to be used specifically with 28mm road tyres. The 30.75mm external width and 24mm internal width suits Schwalbe Pro One, Continental GP5000 and many other brand’s vulcanized tubeless tyres

You can use wider
tyres but the aero performance will be compromised
Internal spoke nipples deliver uncompromised aero performance 

Hooked bead
for maximum tyre compatibility and safety
T700 & T800 carbon lay up and 24 hole drilling allows an exceptionally light weight build

Unpainted opaque matt finish 

rider weight limit

Designed for very high spoke tension, the rear non drive & front disc side spokes can be tensioned more than usual aiding the long term durability of the wheel

Excellent manufacturing controls = up to 5g built wheel weight variation

Must not be used with tyres narrower than 28mm

psi maximum tyre pressure