Replacement for SRAM 1x Jockey Wheels (11s)

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If you are on your rear mech's 2nd + season, the chances are that the bearings in your jockey wheels / derailleur pulleys are getting a bit slack.

Finding stockists of SRAM's 1x jockey wheels is trickier than it should be and they are much more expensive than these. 

BBB BDP-06/16 is a straight swap into your SRAM 11s 1X mech, with a hard glass fibre material and narrow wide profile, these will have your gears changing nicely again. 

Compatable with 1X APEX, RIVAL and FORCE.

Choose steel or ceramic bearings

If you regularly jet wash your bike(s), we’d suggest opening the seals on the steel bearings and adding some extra grease, just like you should with the OE SRAM ones. 




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