Tubeless Valves (x2) Brass/Alu

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Tubeless valves are a product which often has a very high mark up!

Our tubeless valves come direct from the OE factory which makes the same product for other main brands and allows much more sensible prices.

The internal seal is a good shape and is soft so moulds to most rim profiles. 

The lock nut has a rubber bung below to protect the rim and is shaped to be used upside down on asymmetric rims. 

33mm long is good for rims up to 25mm deep
43mm long is good for rims up to 35mm deep

(Measured from the seal to the end of the valve stem, not including the valve core)

Although the 33mm brass version is 16g per pair (compared to 10g per pair for the aluminium version) we use brass for proper off-road on our bikes - after suffering a broken aluminium valve riding off-piste in the woods...


Brass (silver) 33mm = 16g per pair
Aluminium (black) 33mm = 10g per pair 
Aluminium (black) 43mm = 11g per pair 

To get a good seal, make sure the tubeless tape well stuck, cut neatly and no cuts extend beyond the valve hole. Press the valve firmly from inside the rim and do the lock nut up tightly. 

If your valve hole is more than 7.8mm (which is rare), you will need an alternative oversized valve.