Tubeless Tape

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With modern tubeless rims and tyres, the most common cause of problems is the tape. 

But, some brand's tape costs c.£9 per wheel so taking a few goes to get it right can be an expensive exercise.

We use Tesa tape on our LOWMASS wheels because it is a reliable product at a sensible price.

The long 66m workshop length rolls mean that it doesn't cost a fortune if you need to re-tape your wheel to get it sealed! 

Select tape 2-3mm wider than your rims internal width. 

66m will tape 7 pairs of 700C wheels with 2 layers. 

Tubeless tape fitting tips. 

1. Make sure the rim is clean, even if it is new. Rub with Isopropyl Alcohol. Lubricants are used when building wheels and carbon rims have a release agent to help them come out of the mould - not good for sticking tape to! 

2. Keep the tape indoors overnight before you use it, it goes on better than when cold. 

3. Start at the opposite side of the valve hole sticking a small section to start.

4. Pull the tape really tight (and I mean really tight) it needs to go on stretched

5. As you go round the rim, pull the tape from side to side as you are sticking it, to get it to seat in the centre grove, it needs to go right down into the centre. Don't allow the edge of the tape to go up vertical sides of the rim.

6. As your do your first pass round the rim, give the tape a rub to push any air bubbles towards the spoke holes. 

7. Continue round the rim for a 2nd layer and cut overlapping the beginning of the tape by 1-2 cm. 

8. Again press the tape down into the centre the rim, trying to move any air bubbles towards the edge of the tape this time. Pass round the rim twice more, pressing the tape down at the edges. 

9. Find the valve hole and using a fresh, very sharp blade, very carefully cut a hole for the valve, to the inside edge of the valve hole. It is better to cut the hole a bit too small than to cut into the tape where the valve seal will sit. 

10. When you seat your tyres, before you put sealant in, pump the tyre up to its maximum pressure rating, this will help the tape to adhere to the rim cleanly (before sealant gets in between any bits that haven't stuck properly yet). If you have time, fitting the tyre to its maximum tyre pressure with an inner tube will help to press the tape down well too. 

Two layers of TESA tape is good for road tyre pressure and is much more reliable for CX tyre pressures.