FMB Super Mud 33mm ELITE Tubular

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FMB tubulars offer peak performance and are the choice of pro and serious amateurs alike

FMB's Supermud tread is our favourite full mud option. There are a few situations where it's soft flexible tread knobs are out performed by a harder tread (Challenge Limus) but if you want the best all round full mud tyre - this is it! 

Hand made tubular tyre with ELITE orange colour and additional layer of material in the sidewalls which increases the response of the tire during hard cornering as well as increases durability

Hand made tubulars have some manufacturing variations 

The cotton carcass offers supreme suppleness but is more delicate than manmade materials 

After use, clean with warm soapy water and rinse. If you bringing them indoors to dry, deflate the tyre so that their tyre pressure does not increase in a centrally heated house 

Take a look at our article for tips on tubular tyres - TUBULAR TIPS