Pre-Order FMB Open Tubular TLR Super Mud Tyres (Pair)

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Newly available in February 2021, FMB has produced its first Tubeless SUPER MUD Open Tubulars

These are hand made in France just like FMB's tubulars and share exactly the same tread

The 330 TPI polycotton sidewall construction promises excellent supple-ness for a tubeless tyre

Suitable for use with *hooked and hookless rims 

Minimum pressure for safe riding is 1.9 bar (27.5 psi), riding lower pressure is possible at the riders own risk 

We are offering pre-orders from this first batch of production tyres

Until they arrive we will not have more details

These will arrive in the last week of February (BREXIT customs may cause delays) and will be dispatched immediately on arrival

*You can not use these with ENVE’s hooked tubeless rims, ENVE rim's hook is deemed too aggressive/sharp for these (and other brands) Open Tubulars

Free UK postage

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