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The Belgian gluing method uses tape under the final layer of the glue and is by far the strongest and most reliable tubular gluing method for CX

FMB's CX Tape creates a super strong bond between the tubular tyre and the tubular rim, it reacts with the tubular glue to fill the gaps and voids between the base tape and the rim

Be aware though, removing a tyre glued with the Belgian method is much more difficult and if care is not taken, a cotton tubular can be damaged - this is how well it sticks! 

Good for wheels and tyres that you do not plan on changing regularly

We have found it works well with Continental Aluminium Tubular glue

Can be used with carbon and aluminium rims

One roll is enough to do 10 tyres

Take a look at our article Tubular Tips for information on selection, fitting and care of tubular tyres for cyclo cross

Manufacturer installation instructions