DONNELLY PDX WC 33mm Tubeless Tyre (Pair)

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Designated as a mud tyre by DONNELLY, we think of this as an aggressive intermediate

Much like a tubeless version of a Baby Limus, it is a real allrounder (and maybe a bit more versatile too)

Tightly spaced centre tread means it rolls fast, but has enough bite to grip well into mud / wet grass

We tested these before it dried up this spring and we've left them on even though it's dried up, so far at training tyre pressures (10% higher than race) we've not suffered burping - mounted on LOWMASS Aluminium and Carbon tubeless rims

The supple sidewalls reward dialling in your tyre pressure but are tough enough to be able to put in the miles and bash round the woods without punctures

DONNELLY developed these to be UCI tyre width compliant and they come up 1.5mm narrow on our 20 & 21 mm internal width rims, they are a safe bet if you've been searching for a complaint tubeless solution

Carcass width measured un-mounted = 88mm 

See more information on other brand tyre widths in our article UCI Race Tyre Width Article

Sold as a pair (2 x tyres) 

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Donnelly's Product Features:

  • 360g 
  • Made in Europe
  • Highest quality nylon casing
  • 240 TPI
  • Tall and widely spaced knobs for superior mud clearance and traction
  • Center knobs are aligned for fast rolling
  • Side knobs offer superior cornering
  • Soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption
  • Tubeless-ready design mounts easily to most tubeless ready rims
  • Tubeless casing is reinforced for wear, features an Aramid bead
  • Precision design creates a straight tire with no variances in size or alignment
  • Can be used tubeless or with a tube