Challenge Hand Made TLR - Grifo 33mm - PAIR

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We have small number of Challenge Hand Made Tubeless Grifo with more available to pre-order

These arrived today (5/11/21), we have not yet fitted or ridden these so have copied Challenge's information

Available as pairs only

Chicane are also available as a special order, subject to stock at the distributor, contact us and we will check their stock levels

"The best all-around cyclocross tire ever created excels in wet or dry, soft packed, rocky and root-infested courses, grass, and more. The Grifo features fast rolling knobs and a center section that offers excellent pedalling and braking traction.

Challenge H-TLR tires meet the new ETRTO and ISO standard and are hookless compatible.

Size 33mm - Designed to be complaint with UCI rules with most rims having an internal rim width up to 23mm.

Tyre pressure - 1.8 - 2.5 BAR / 26 - 36 PSI 

Compatible with Hooked or Hookless rims 

Handmade TLR are best combined with the Challenge’s SMART Tubeless SEALANT, which protects the natural properties of its components for a longer lasting performing tire, while further enhancing puncture protection and air tightness.

Handmade TLR (H-TLR)

New Handmade TLR (H-TLR) perform better than any vulcanized tubeless system! Challenge Handmade TLR are made from the same materials and processes as our handmade tubulars but instead of sewing an inner tube inside the casing is wrapped around a aramid bead to form a tire that fits on a tubeless rim.

The HTLR is molded flat, not in a horseshoe like a vulcanized tyre. This shape allows the casing to naturally deform over surface imperfections and minimize rolling resistance. A normal vulcanized tubeless tire is molded in a U-shape to make the sidewalls rigid so the system does not “burp” or lose air when it deforms after it encounters a surface imperfection. The new Challenge H-TLR is anything but normal. Where vulvanized is stiff, high rolling resistance and uncomfortable to ride, the new H-TLR maintains the soft supple qualities of all Challenge Handmade tires but sets up with a sealant on TLR wheels.

A bead-to-bead inner coating gives added puncture protection to these new H-TLR tires and greatly reduces any air pressure dissipation. Enhanced longevity has been gained with the addition of an aramid bead protection strip, to reduce rim chafing. 

The unique Challenge Handmade Tubeless system is the closest thing to a high performance Handmade Tubular that you can fit on a tubeless Ready clinchers."